I have a Toughbook with a touchscreen that I use for Autocad. Does
anyone know of any applications that allow me to fully utilize the
benefits of a touchscreen while working in Autocad?
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I have used and supported AutoCAD and Autodesk products for years and have never seen any documentation stating any kind of support for touch screens. That being said using AutoCAD on a touchscreen would not be very practical from an accuracy standpoint. I also supported 150+ Panasonic ToughBook touchscreen laptops for the utility company I retired from. The app the servicemen used on the touchscreen on had a very big, relatively simple interface. The AutoCAD interface does not work well at the low resolutions required to make on screen buttons work with fingertips. Accuracy would be out the window trying to control the cursor and snaps with your finger. You may want to contact RockWare software,
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They make a CAD program that runs on Windows CE, the mobile version of Windows. They may have a version that would run on your ToughBook.
Daryl Stockton
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