A Non-friction bicycle lights generator (dynamo)

In this new generation bicycle light system, no battery is needed, no
friction on any parts of the bicycle. The lights flash regardless speed
of the bicycle and weather conditions (unlike normal dynamos!). Very
It can be used as a stand-alone light system (as a normal dynamo) on
your bike, or used as a back-up for your existed battery-powered lights
All details and buy on-line:
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Hmmm...lessee 20 mA at 2 volts once per revolution for what 1/20 of a circumference?
That's 40 mW X 1/20 per revolution. 26 inch wheel. pi D = say 7 ft. That's an av of 2 mW per 7 feet 44 ft/sec = 30 mph top speed would need about 12 mW tops??
Maybe not NO drag, but you could handle 12mW av., per flashing LED, I think.
Brian W
= 13 mW
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Brian Whatcott
I think that the whole "No Drag!!!! No Friction!!!! No Losses!!!!" is in comparison to the generators that have a friction wheel that rubs against the bike's rim. So, while it isn't totally true, it is reasonable to say that in comparison, it is better. It is like saying a scooter uses virtually no fuel in comparison to a WWII tank. Or that we are standing still in comparison to the speed of light. Things like that.
They say that there is no friction that they can detect. In other words the loss that it causes is not significantly more than the friction already present in the bearings of a tire.
All I have to say is that I would never use something like that.
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