elastic seal?

i have a large (1m x 1m) aperture within a fixed panel. a tool moves
up, down, left and right within the aperture, with a total range of
about 700mm x 700mm. i'm looking for a type of flexible/elastic seal
that is able to seal off the gap between the aperture periphery and the
tool. i imagine a highly stretchable rubber sheet, maybe ribbed. does
anything like this exist? the aperture could be made bigger, and
circular if need be. thanks.
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How about a " pyramid " of cloth, suitably proofed. This would form a seal with a single pleat if attached to the panel at it's base and the top was attached to the tool in the same plane as the panel.
what size / shape is the tool in the plane of the panel ?
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Jonathan Barnes
Would a flexible boot like existed on the old collapsible Kodak-Land cameras do the trick? If so, search the Net for the term "accordian bellows".
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