Electrical Panel Schedule software

I have recently revised and updated my panel schedule software and website.
Thanks to those here who helped me test and refine the program.
AutoPanelboard is software that works in AutoCAD to automate many of the
tasks involved in generating electrical panel schedules. Because it is
written in AutoLISP to work within AutoCAD, you don't have to back and forth
between Excel and AutoCAD. It is VERY REASONABLY PRICED, especially for
those that don't need to do extensive and exhaustive short circuit and
coordination studies. (You don't need a sledge hammer if all you want to do
is drive a finish nail.) You can spend thousands on Autodesk Building
Systems, or SKM's DAPPER/CAPTOR, and you should if you need that kind of
capability. But if you simply want to keep track of circuits, and don't
want to spend more than $200, you should check out this program.
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