any good internet resources?

Hi! I'm desperately trying to find something about deflection of a beam when it is under different kinds of load.

The only thing I seem to remember is that if the bean is suppored at the ends and there is a load density p(x) where x is the distance measured from one end towards the other, then the deflections is given by y(x) and there is a relation y''''(x)=p(x)/(E*I)

(fourth derivative) and E is a material constant and I is the moment of inertia.

Are there any good resources on the net? All libraries are unfortunately closed at this time in the night!

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Gunnar G
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Gunnar G wrote in news:IaHre.27281$

I believe the name of the one I am familiar with is I know efunda is right...just not sure about the .org

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