CFP SMI'13 Shape Modeling International 2013

Shape Modeling International 2013
10-12 July, 2013
National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University
Poole, UK

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Conference Chairs: Peter Comninos, Bianca Falcidieno

The Shape Modeling International (SMI) conference provides an international
forum for the dissemination of new mathematical theories and computational
techniques for modeling, simulating and processing digital representations
of shapes. Its target audience is the community of researchers, developers
, students, and practitioners addressing these topics across a wide range o
f fields. Shape Modeling International 2013 (SMI?13) will be held at the
National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University, Poole, UK f
rom 10 July 2013 to 12 July 2013.

The conference will last for three days and will consist of presentations o
f technical and practical papers, as well as courses and tutorials. It will
also include an Art Exhibition and an Animation Theatre Show. Details on t
he different conference activities are provided below.

Technical Papers Chairs: Valery Adzhiev, Alla Sheffer, Michela Spagnuolo

Submission deadline: 13 March 2013
First decision notification: 12 April 2013
Revised papers submission: 30 April 2013
Final decision notification: 15 May 2013
Final copies submission: 29 May 2013

All submissions will be peer reviewed and will be handled via the Elsevier
EES system at
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Original research papers accepted for presentation at the conference, both
full-length (14 pages max) and short (6-8 pages), will be published in the
Computers & Graphics Journal.

Papers are being sought in all areas of shape processing and its applicatio
ns, including (but not limited to):

- Shape Acquisition & Reconstruction
- Topological Modeling of Shapes
- Shape Representations
- Semantics of Shapes
- Shape Recognition, Classification & Segmentation
- Shape Matching & Retrieval

- Curve, Surface and Volume Representations
- Implicit Surfaces
- Volume and Multidimensional Shape Modeling
- Subdivision Methods and Multi-resolution Techniques
- Parametric and Procedural Shape Modeling
- Shape Transformation and Deformation
- Interactive Design and Editing
- Shape Modeling in Education

This year we especially encourage submissions in the areas of:
(1) Shape Modeling in Computer Animation and Games
(2) Fabrication and Additive Manufacturing Techniques

Indicative topics are as follows:

- Shape Modeling for Computer Animation
- Shape Modeling for Games & Entertainment
- Physically-based Shape Modeling and Simulation

- Heterogeneous Shape Modeling
- Shape Modeling and Design for Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
- Shape Modeling for Bio-engineering
- Haptic Shape Modeling

Chair: Ergun Akleman
Submission deadline: 13 March 2013
First decision notification: 12 April 2013
Revised papers submission: 30 April 2013
Final decision notification: 15 May 2013
Final copies submission: 29 May 2013

This stream of papers, first featured at SMI?12, is targeted at practitio
ners such as architects and sculptors, providing a venue for describing met
hods and techniques relevant to their practice. We expect these submissions
to pose new questions and to motivate further research in shape modeling.
Papers accepted to this stream will be published in a special issue of the
Hyperseeing magazine. Practical paper presentations will be 15 minutes in l
ength and they are likely to be presented in sessions that are held in para
llel with some technical paper sessions.

Specifically, the Fabrication and Sculpting stream seeks submissions presen
ting original research in all areas of sculpting and fabricating of shapes,
including (but not limited to):

· From a creative spark to a first computer model
· Capturing a given inspiring original in a procedural description
· Creative design to fabrication
· Integrating constraints (e.g., developability) into the design pr
· Integrating parametric shape modeling and sculpting/fabrication
· Weaving, knitting, braiding and crocheting
· CAD-CAM systems for digital design, sculpting, and fabrication
· Rapid-prototyping techniques
· Issues related to 3D Printing, laser cutting, CNC, and casting
· Physical sculpting/fabrication
· Materials technology for fabrication
· Freeform constructability
· Constructing with thin metals and/or papers
· Practice of fabrication in architecture, sculpture, construction,
and engineering
· Pedagogy in sculpting/fabrication

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