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i shall be thankful to the group if anyone can give me the specifications for a connecting rod used in any of the post 1990 models of cars. i want details like centre to centre lengths, diameters of ends...etc..all the dimensions required for modelling the same using CAD.Iam planning to model the same in IDEAS and analyse it using finite element analysis. i collected all the details required for the analysis except these. i shall be much more happy if i can also get rough estimated values of stresses on connecting rod( axial- tensile and compressive) so that i can compare them using FEA. thanking you hoping to hear something productive.. venkata k. rapaka

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venkata k. rapaka
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Why don't you buy one? Can't be that expensive... Second hand...


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Nathan Smith

There's a thought: $5 at the scrap yard, plus 30 minutes of measuring with a calliper. I guess someone is looking for the easy way?

Brian W

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Brian Whatcott

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