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Hi If you are looking for a change in job here is an opportunity for you. We have our own development center in Bangalore .We also depute people from our own payrolls to many of the top MNCs in Bangalore. We appreciate your unique skill sets and the relevant experience you have, as on date. The details of the opportunity is as follows:

Client :- One of the biggest MNCs in Bangalore

Skill Sets required:


Educational Qualification:-

B.E ( Mechanical ) with First Class

Experience:- Minimum 4 years


Practitioner of CAD Systems preferably Pro-E along with imageware or Rapidform

1.0 Has ability to work in 3D-CAD systems. Must be able to build 3D models with design intent for Manufacturing and Failure analysis . The models must be constrained and parametric. 2.0 Must be a practicing engineer for minimum of 4 yrs in a design and / or manufacturing environment . 3.0 Have a good working knowledge of curves and surfaces. Parametric vs. non-parametric curves and surfaces.

Non-parametic curves and surfaces are ideal for CAD systems. They are un-bounded , not dependant on co-ordinate system and form and implicit solution. Parametric curves and surfaces are ideal for CAD systems because they are explicit, can be represented as a mathematical function with finite solution , and continuity continuous. Types of ideal curves and surfaces would include: Linear ( Ruled Surfaces) Quadritic Cubic Bezier ( Bernstein Polynomials ) , Rational Parametric B-Spine , Rational Parametric NURBS ( Non-Uniform Rational B-Spines)

4.0 Clear working knowledge of manifold and non-manifold construction

Manifold ? For an object to be manifold it must have the following qualities: Must be closed with no missing edges or faces, has an interior and exterior boundary, is connected, dimensionally homogeneous , rigid , non-self intersectioning, and orient able with left, right, top , bottom, front and back sense.

Non-manifold ? any object that is not a manifold that is defined from above . Non-manifolds are used for Finite Element Analysis because the purpose of the finite element analysis is to model the system mathematically to simulate the system. For example in beams and truss , structures can be modeled as stick elements ( which are defined as non-manifolds) . Material and inertia properties are assigned to these stick elements. The advantages of using non-manifold models for analysis are to save solve time during the calculations of stress analysis and displacements. Another example would be large cylinders and tube structures with thin walls. The non-manifold tube or cylinder model would be model with zero thickness with material properties assigned.

5.0 Have understanding of concurrent and rapid prototyping engineering practices. 6.0 Good project management and team leadership skills. 7.0 Working knowledge of machine shop standard practices. 8.0 Understanding knowledge of materials , surface treatments and heat treatments. 9.0 Fracture mechanics and modes of failures. Working knowledge of Finite element CAD tools 10.0 Understanding of FAA rules and regulations. 11.0 Should have the knowledge /Experience of Reverse Engineering , using CMM cloud DATA . Must be capable of generating 3D models using this DATA. Job Location: Bangalore

Job Status:- Permanent employee of Unisoft India

Salary 18K per month and accommodation to be provided for non-resident Bangalore candidates. Bangalore candidates will get 20 K per month.

Interview date :- 1st August , 2004 , Sunday . The process to be completed by 5th August , 2004 , Thursday.

About 5 resources are required for the above skill sets. If your matching the above criteria, we request you to forward your updated resume to

Thanking and assuring best of services.

With warm regards, Souptik Mukherjee Manager-Business Development

Unisoft India #11, 15th Cross, 20th Main, J.P Nagar, 5th Phase, SBI Building (Outer Ring Road), Bangalore-560078 Email:- Mob:- 36968825

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