Best practice large assemblies

I have a large number of small tubes that I am building as swept
protrusions. There will be >8000 tubes per pathway with three pathways
total. One pathway caused drastic slow downs in Pro Wildfire 2 so I
wonder what folks find the most useful and flexible amoung the tools
in ProE for large assemblies Said model will be used to do CFD, and
volume calculations. Do simplified reps still give these capabilities?
These numbers ideally will be easy to change with a table driven
layout. Any insight is most welcome.
Running on a 2.8ghz P4 with 1 gig of ram
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Interesting question.
I see that you are planning on performing computations on the resulting assembly. Back in the old days (when computer performance was measured in MegaFlops and punch cards were routinely used for input) we used to do this sort of thing too. Basically, try using symmetry to reduce the quantities you need. You can also take the results of one calculation and feed it into the next as a boundary condition. Remember, once you have generated this massive model it will take even longer to perform the analysis. It might even be useless and have wasted huge amounts of your time. Now that I think about it more, why not try 30-40 of these tubes first just to get a feel for everything all the way through your proposed process.
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