best practice PDMWorks project layout

I'm in progress setting up a pdmworks server. As I'm used to work with
more advanced version control systems vor software development (like
subversion). I would like to organise the files in the vault. What is
the best practice to do?
First for every project another project. Then using folder like
organising or subproject organising.
I found out that every project should have an unique name. They are all
stored on teh same level in the vault. But that make a general layout as
indicated below cant be copied when a new project is made.
Al files from 1 project should live in one project without the
possiblity to organise the files?
Any suggestions are welcome
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johnny geling
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You have numerous options. First there is no harm in keeping all files related to a project under that project with out sorting them into sub-projects. It may seem messy but it can be quite effective if a person knows how to find files with the search capabilities built into the latest versions of the software.
The key is to utilize the "Description" and "Number" fields/custom properties effectively to make them easily and productively searchable. One can also add custom fields of whatever type may assist in this regard. Only you know the organization of your data.
You mentioned the term "sub-versions" in your posting. PDMWorks can very effectively handle this subject. Look in the PDMWorks help under Revisions and Life Cycles. Also, there are PDMWorks training materials available from your VAR. There is a large amount of flexibility available in the software with these setting and options.
Lastly is a suggestion as to how you might layout your example.
Project_1 --Project_1_concept1 --Project_1_concept2 --Project_1_tools
At least it avoids duplicate project names.
Talk to your VAR about this subject. They should have a great deal to add about PDMWorks. Of couse there is always this news group.
Regards, Larry
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Larry Heir
yes, but searching and alphabetization are better if you go with something like --concept1_Project_1
Unfortunately, VARs are often a poor source of information on PDMW because they know it about well enough to do a demo, and have to know 15 other products superficially as well. They usually have zero practical experience with it (by "practical experience", I mean actually using it for a live project, not using a pre-loaded demo vault). I would advocate calling a specialist consultant if you're looking for expert information and advice.
There are a lot of ways to set up "projects" in the vault.
- by part/doc function - by doc type - by department - by project - by customer - by part number - by author
I often recommend companies combine methods:
- Manufaturing Documentation - Engine Assemblies - Models, Engine - Drawings, Engine - Induction - Models, Induction - Drawings, Induction - Purchased Components - Models, Purchased - Drawings, Purchased - Purchasing Documentation ... - Service Documentation
There are two basic ideas which a well organized vault can help you with: 1) Permissions 2) Browsability. Aside from these, it doesn't make much sense to organize the vault at all. Organizing by any piece of information which is in the file name (such as part number or description) is usually redundant.
Browsing in PDMW is generally a losing cause because the files are not listed alphabetically, they are arranged hierarchically in the assembly structure. I generally advocate folks become familiar with using the search functions, but in the end everyone does what they want to do.
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