DC Motors - VR & PWM?

Are you sure the letters aren't "PM" rather than "PWM"? PWM usually means "pulse-width modulated" and I'm not sure why a motor would be so labeled, since any DC motor can be driven with PWM. PM is a "permanent magnet" motor, which is common for small DC motors.
VR is "variable reluctance" and doesn't usually have magnets. It's generally cheaper and has higher torque/lower speed capabilities compared with a PM motor. The speed of a DC motor depends on how much voltage you apply to it and how much load it is driving. It won't be a constant rated speed like an AC motor. Horsepower is pretty much horsepower, but pay attention to the no-load speed and peak torque ratings.
Don Kansas City
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Hi, I've been looking at a treadmill that has a DC Motor 0.5 HP VR, and what
seems like a newer version of this treadmill which is DC Motor 2 HP PWM.
What is the difference between the two motor types, and would a 0.5 HP VR
motor be equivalent in speed and power to a 0.5 HP PWM motor?
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Scott Saunders
I did mean PWM. Thanks!
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