Treadmill motor on Shoptask 3in 1 lathe

I was given a Sears' Lifestyler 1400 treadmill. I wanted to get lower speeds
from the lathe. I previously install the low speed idle pulley set on my
Shoptask. However it is not very easy to change back and forth. I replaced
the lathe motor with the direct current motor and controls from the thread I
was able to use one of the idle pulleys on the DC motor. The pulleys with
the bronze bushing removed, has a 5/8 inch bore and key way, the same sizes
as the DC motor. I only needed to buy a setscrew for the pulley. Two of the
treadmill motor mounts holes line up with the AC lathe motor mounting plate.
A DPDT toggle switch is added to the control panel to reverse the spindle.
The order on the webpage left to right: Overview, motor, pulley and front of
motor and modifies control panel.
The speed indicator reads in tenth of mile and is controlled by a magnet
pickup. I am looking into a conversion formula and mounting the magnet
someplace on the spindle for RPM readout. Pictures are on my WebPages at
formatting link

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Bill Cotton
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Good job on the modification..very clean.
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Nice job -- but I see one thing which worries me. I would add some kind of chip deflector over the vent holes near the free end of the motor, to keep chips from shorting the commutator and brushes -- or even just wearing them out prematurely.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Thanks DoN. When I removed the ac motor, a lots on chips came out of it vents and they are at the rear of the motor. I have very little clearance between the bottom of the carriage and the motor, however, it will be covered quickly. I will rig a cover somehow.
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Bill Cotton

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