Effect of temperature on Modulus of Elasticity

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I am trying to quantify the effect of temperature (100 Deg.F - 1750 deg.F) on modulus of elasticity for carbon steel (C < 3%). If there is any reference which would help to understand and present graphically such an effect, kindly point out.


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"Handbook of Engineering Fundamentals", Eshbach, 3rd ed., 1975 John Wiley & Sons, ISBN

0-471-24553-4, Page 1332 lists: Low carbon steel from -325 F through 1000 F where E ranges from 30,000,000 psi to 15,400,000 psi

Having worked in the design of rolling mill machinery, I have a chart made by a co-worker shows that at 1800 F, E = 2,000,000 psi. The chart is old and difficult to read, but two of his references are Jeffery and Guy Verse which he used to construct the chart.

I hope that gets you started.

Jim Y

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Jim Y

Drawing the best fit straight line through three points suggests, as a first pass:

E = 30,000,000 [1 - (1/1700) * (T-200)]

for E Youngs modulus in psi, at T temp in degF higher than 200degF, constant E below 200 degF

Brian Whatcott

to 15,400,000 psi

co-worker shows that

of his references are

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Brian Whatcott

take a look at this

Tech paper

Elastc Moduls & internal frictinas function of temperture

carbon & stainless steel


cheers Bob

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