helical gear efficiency

I'm currently doing a mechacnical design project at uni where we have to
design gearbox for a sugar mill. My team is using a three-stage split
torque design using helical gears. I am interested in finding the power
losses due to friction, however I can't find a procedure anywhere for doing
this. Would anyone be able to help me out? Thanks heaps!!!
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Take a look at the German research group for gears here
helical stronger, quieter than spur, for similar size. But more sliding, so slightly lower efficiency.
Brian whatcott Altus OK
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Brian Whatcott
awesome site :) thank you. I'll start bugging my lecturer about it to see if I can use any equipment.
For a simple approximate on-paper calculation of the power losses from friction, we would consider, naturally, the coefficient of friction for the material, normal force on the gear tooth and the sliding velocity. What's the best way to calculate this sliding velocity? Are there any other factors to consider?
Thanks for your help!!!
Prasanna Sritharan
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