Nose Cones And Stator Vanes for Wind Turbines

There is only one difference between a de lavel turbine in turbo and a wind turbine designed with/for leading stator vanes:

A wind turbine is almost full "admittance" meaning it uses almost all the area swept by the blades. The impulse turbine in high speed flow machinery is generally more annular.

This shouldn't make much of a difference. To allow for the different tangential rotor speeds along the radial length of the blade, do what they always do, angle the tips of the stator and rotor blades more toward the tips.

A nose cone could also move the air more toward the tips if any problem, fluid or structural, came with the blade profile change.

The windage/driving fluid power ratio should be the same no matter what the speed so properly designed impulse wind turbine shouldn't be too far from the 80% efficiency of a de lavel at the design point.

Bret Cahill

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Bret Cahill
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