Pressure tube modeling

Hi all,
I have little knowledge about computational fluid dynamics. I am trying
to model a straight tube, for which a fan is attached to one of the
tube and the other end is open.
Now my task is to calculate the pressure variation at the open end when
there is AIR FLOW change at the input.
I was able to calculate the steady state pressure drop delta P is
proportional to f *L * v^2/Diameter.
f - friction factor, L - length of the tube. v- fluid velocity.
But I need Pressure variation in time domain. How can i proceed.
Please help
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I am probably missing your point. To me it seems that in the steady state there is no change in pressure at a given position with time - by definition. But perhaps you were considering the startup or shutdown case?
Brian Whatcott Altus OK
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Brian Whatcott
Yes, you are right. For start-up and shut-down and especially when there is an adequate change in the input air-flow I want to compute pressure variation. (Transient period).
However, in steady state, pressure will be constant for the given AIR FLOW.
regards, srinivas
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