how to build own pitot-tube apparatus for measuring velocity of wind in a wind tunnel

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how to build a pitot-tube apparatus for measuring velocity of wind in a wind tunnel?
Take two tubes mounted to face into the wind. Leave the end of one open, and close the end of the other with e.g. an epoxy glue plug . In the plugged tube, drill a few small holes though the wall of the tube. Connect both tubes to flexible tubes led outside the tunnel. Connect these tubes to an air speed indicator, or to a u-tube half filled with water or some oil of known density as a manometer.
The difference in fluid levels is a measure of dynamic pressure head, which is a function of airspeed.
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You can buy them from companies like Dwyer:
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for less than $100.
The easy way to make one yourself is to take a piece of tubing and make a 90 degree bend in it so that the open end faces upstream. You will also need a static port, which can be a hole flush with the wall of the tunnel.
You then need an instrument to measure the differential pressure between the two. If you are lucky, and the velocity you are nmeasuring is in the right range, this could be something as simple as a u-tube manometer (a loop of clear plastic tubing with water).
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