Pressure Vessel Relief Valve - Size?


A pressure vessel with 240 gal and rated for 200 psi will be used for compressed air at about 100-110 psi. The vessel gets the air supplied by a compressor. Could anyone tell me what size for the relief valve is required by code?

I.e. would be a valve for 160 psi and 1/2" sufficient?

thanks in advance, Hans-Christian

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Hans-Christian Grosz
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Codes are likely to be specific to your country... or possibly a European harmonised standard.... Where in the world are you ?

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Jonathan Barnes

Ah, sorry. My question concerns North Carolinan Code, which requires the ASME Pressure Vessel Code. Now I know that it should be mentioned in Section VIII of that code, but I don't have it available...


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Hans-Christian Grosz

I am not sure about the code. I believe it will simply require a relief valve, and the it be adequate to the purpose, to prevent failure of the tank due to overpressure.

Will the relief valve release more air with 200 psig supplied, than the compressor delivers? I understand it cracks at 160, and probably snaps full open there. And likely the comperssor will actually not deliver compressed air at 200 psig (the motor usually fries).

David A. Smith

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