RPM and pulses

It excuses me my ignorance, but I am wanting knows which the relationship
between a meter of RPM and the pulses received of the distributor of an
automobile, for 4 cylinders, 6 cylinders and 8 cylinders.
Fernando Carvalho
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RPM is revolutions per minute. Divide by 60 to obtain revolutions per second. A four stroke engine has half as many firing strokes per revolution as the number of cylinders, while a two stroke engine has as many firing strokes per revolution as the number of cylinders. Only non -diesel engines normally have distributors. A relatively modern twist for four-strokes is to allow a wasted spark on the exhaust stroke - which can help complicate the issue in some few cases. This engine style sometimes goes with a coil per cylinder or a coil per cylinder pair.....
Clear as mud?
OK, try this (4-stroke) Sparks per sec = RPM X number of cylinders / 120
Brian Whatcott Altus OK
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Brian Whatcott
Dear Brian Whatcott:
Also Multiple Spark Discharge (MSD) ignition systems that fire the spark plug multiple times on the power stroke...
David A. Smith
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FWIW,while this may be relatively recent in automotive applications, 4 cylinder, four stroke motorcycles have been doing this much longer. At least 30 years. ---------- Ed Ruf Lifetime AMA# 344007 ( snipped-for-privacy@EdwardG.Ruf.com)
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