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I'm looking for a 3 way SST diaphragm solenoid valve. I want it to be direct acting with a 24 VDC coil. I'd also like it to have positive position feedback that a PLC could interpret. I want to use this valve to shut off the upstream hydrogen fuel supply and vent the downstream pressure caused by the supply of resident hydrogen gas.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

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Hydrogen embrittles stainless, I believe. Diaphragms use supply pressure and "controlled leaks" to operate the valve. Diaphragm valves fail in horrible ways, ways that you would not want to occur in a fuel cell system, for example.

Direct acting *diaphragm* solenoid valves do not exist. You might get a motorized cam to close a diaphragm with still a very high Cv.

Motorized ball valve, 2-way, and let the engine bleed off and oxidize the last of the fuel, rather than sending that shot to space. If you have to, use a 3 way and vent it to a catalytic converter. Ball valves have stems that are easy to monitor for position. Do not get one with all ports in a plane perpendicular to the actuation axis. Get one with the common port in line with the axis of acutation. That way you have a hope of sealing the hydrogen gas.

David A. Smith

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This looks like an ideal application for a supplier's technical support phone line.

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