Standard aluminum extrusions in Hex shape?

Is there a standard aluminum extrusion in a hex shape? this is for a
low cost electronics/imaging enclosure.
Side to side dimension: 5cm (outside)
Surface: smooth, untreated
Wall thickness: 1.5 to 2 mm
Length: Sections of 2 to 2.5 m.
Inside having guides for circuit board would be a bonus, and/or 4 of 6
corners having a small tube of about 1mm inside dim, 3mm out
(lengthwise) to put in plugs or screws.
(Existing imperial measurement material is fine too. 2 in. outside
dimension is fine.)
Links to sources would be very appreciated.
Or, how roughly much would the NRE/tooling for an extrusion process
cost? (Est. req't 1,500 meters in first year, growing to 15,000 meters
over a couple years.
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Alan Browne
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Take a look here:
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Don Kansas City
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you're easily into the volume range where you could justify a custom extrusion--tooling costs are surprisingly affordable. It's been a few years, but the last time I did a custom extrusion tooling was under $2500.
Cardinal Aluminum would an excellent place to start looking
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Thanks. Good source.
Cheers, Alan
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Alan Browne
Thanks, I'll check.
We're in the proof-of-concept phase but we'like to build a dog and pony version that is close to the procuction unit in look.
Cheers, Alan
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Alan Browne

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