two-phase asynchron motor


Has anybody of you heard of a two-phase asynchron motor? (I only know the usual three-phase and the one-phase ones.)

Somebody asked me about that two-phase thing and I was stuck.

It would be very nice of you if you could explain to me what a two-phase asynchron motor might be.

Regards, Tobias N\"ahring

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Technically there are no single phase ac motors (brush type universal motors excepted). All single phase induction and synchronous motors employ some sort of phase shifting mechanism to convert the single phase into polyphase. Pole shading or phase shifting capacitors are common. This is the only they can develop torque. A two phase motor such as the classic slosyn use a capacitor in series with one of the windings to provide an appropriate phase shift, allowing it to run from a single phase ac line. It would also be possible to connect the two windings to two phases of a three phase ac line as well, but the phase angle may not be optimum for the best velocity stability. HTH

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