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hey all. I'm a new graduate of Mechanical Engineering technolgy and was seeking some help and hoping your guys could help. I have a friend that has a small transmission rebuild shop and he wants me to help him build a machine that can flush the valve body solenoids that he removes from the transmission. He wants to be able to flush around 6-10 at a time. He has a machine already that tests them to make sure they are ok, but it only does 1 at time so he wants to flush them before he tests them.I am able to build the test unit with all the hydraulics and mountings. Here is where I run into the problem. I'm not sure how to or what to use for the electrical parts. I need leads that go to each solenoid and I need a device that can send voltage to them for 2 sec, the release for 2 sec for a 5 min period. And I want to be able to vary the voltage cause some solenoids only take a few volts. This is an example of what I want it to do and am not sure on how to do that. Any info, suggestions or anything would be greatly appreciated. And thanks in advance.

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Dear adamsaulnier:

If all the solenoids run on at most two different voltages... "repeat cycle timer" Use one set of contacts at one voltage and deliver it to solenoids, and the other set of contacts to the balance. No need to get fancy. I assume you can manually time the 5 minutes... if not, and on-delay timer can be rigged to cut off power to the repeat cycle timer, and light a pilot light when the cycle is complete.

You can do it with a PLC, but then you'd have to learn how to program it...

David A. Smith

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