Variable Belt Drive System Automation?

Hi there,
I'm currently building a recreational hovercraft that I would like to
employ a variable drive system to operate the lift fan in conjuntion
with the thrust Propeller. Both fan and propeller would be powered by
one v8 auto engine. A Speed Selector variable speed drive system would
be used to keep the lift fan at a near constant rpm as the thrust prop
cycles thru it's different rpms for normal operation.
I have some prior experience in basic electronics/bread bording etc and
I would like to know from some of the experts of this qroup how I could
go about designing an electronic module that would monitor the engine's
rpm and adjust the variable speed drive ratio to keep the lift fan at a
near constant rpm. The pulley system has provisions available to
connect an acuator to the lead screw that changes the sheave position
thereby changing the drive ratio.
Are there any websites or publications that would point me in the right
direction to be able to construct a simple module that would give me
results I'm looking for? I'm willing to do the homework and learn.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
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