corrosion resistant steel at 900C?

I have some formed sheet metal parts (currently using 316 stainless)
that have to pass through an oven at 900C. The problem is that they
develop a soot on the surface that comes off on the hands when the
parts are handled.
Can anyone recommend a material that will remain clean to handle? The
part is basically an 8" square sheet (.025" thk) with two large radius
90 degree bends in it. It see's almost no stress and does not need to
be dimensionally stable.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
Jon Crouch.
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Jon: Assuming that your furnace has an air environment, your "soot" may be oxide scale that comes off during handling.
Is so, then you probably need to use a different stainless steel containing more chromium in order to resist scaling at 900 C.
See the AZOM article on Stainless Steel - High Temperature resistance and look at Table I. Go to:
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Pittsburgh Pete
800H or 310 should not flake. Try heating the steel once then cleaning it and then see if it is stable for further passes.
Gold would be better though if you want oxide free.
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