galvanising query

Hi all,
Could anyone tell me or know where i can find out how galvanising affects
steel with respect to sheet thickness, or how sheet, angle and box section
welded together are affected,
I am having big problems with distortion.
is there general rules that dictate what will or won't cause problems.
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Maybe you should look at using Galvanised sheet, rather than self colour sheet metal and galvanising it after fabrication.
If it is galvanised for weather proofing then look at powder coating instead.
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John Gregory
Yes there are rules. The U.S. version is ASTM Standard A384, written in American rather than British English. Look up the Galvanizers Association website at
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and click on "Designing Articles for Galvanizing". Read it all, particularly "distortion" and "points to consider when designing..."
For lots more links, you can go to
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and look at the links on galvanizing. Be forewarned that this site has lots of pop-up ads though. It used to be nicer when the regional library kindly hosted it.
Pittsburgh Pete
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Pittsburgh Pete
Please also refer to the American Galvanizers Association web site:
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to their on-line publications, including design and painting guides:
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Ed, Hot-dipping in Pittsburgh
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