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Hi, All;
Does anybody know of a source for Invar 36 in thin sheet form (about 0.030" thick) and in small quantities ? Any help would be appreciated.
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Ron Hubbard
Contact Us:
High Temp Metals, Inc. 12910 San Fernando Rd. Sylmar, CA 91342-3601 Phone: 800-500-2141
818-362-5357 Fax: 818-362-9884
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Bob K 207
Hi Bob,
Any NiSpan-C in the same sort of thickness, per chance ?
I have a little project that has stalled for years for the lack of it ! Steve
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Steve Taylor
I don't know what Ni-SpanC is.......
give these folks a call or drop them an email
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is a good site for finding suppliers
cheers Bob
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Bob K 207
"Ron Hubbard" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:
Please check :
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at Pernifer 36.
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Rainer Dicken

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