New CCL in UK

Dear Sir and Maam,
I'm looking for the contact point of the following company, Falcon Steel in
UK. This company is planning to build new CCL (color-Coating Line) in
Newport, South Wales. Following is the news article about this company. I
hope to receive an answer by E-mail considering the contact point is a
personal information.
Thanks in advance
UK to get new colour-coating line
Tuesday, 18 October 2005
Falcon Steel Ltd of the UK is to build a new continuous colour-coating line
in Newport, South Wales. The plant will also have roll forming and
cut-to-length facilities, and will produce a range of products for the
construction and other industries.
Falcon chief executive and owner Patrick Queen is the former CEO of Galvex,
the Estonian galvanized sheet producer.
Steel Business Briefing understands that the plant will be the first new
independent colour-coating line to be installed in the UK for over 25 years.
Production of colour-coated sheet is dominated by Corus which has a capacity
in the UK of 425,000 t/y. The UK imports around 200,000 t/y.
The principal market for colour-coated steel sheet is the construction
sector, accounting for around 85% of all product sales. Over 80% of this is
used in roofing and cladding.
The new company¡¯s target market is primarily the UK, although around 30% of
production will be intended for worldwide export.
Falcon is currently negotiating with various potential suppliers for the
85,000 tonnes of galvanized coil feedstock that the plant will require on an
annual contract basis; no contracts have yet been signed.
Construction of the new line is due to begin in February or March 2006 with
a completion date of April 2007. Total investment value has not yet been
¨Ï Steel Business Briefing 2005
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