Removal of BreakPad dust from Aluminum wheel

Metallurgically, what would remove the break dust (dissolve- or loosen) from
the aluminum cast wheels in automobiles. (The standard spray on solution in
the market is 100% useless. )
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Virgil Caine
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If you are trying to detail an automobile....
The only thing I've seen work on aluminum wheels is elbow grease. There is a manufacturer (think of "Dads wife") that make a paste which works well. They also sell a polishing tool. I've used the polish but you have to work it in.
If you want to clean the brake dust off and don't care about the surface (as for recycling)....
You might try glass bead blasting or stainless steel shot blasting.
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Mark Fields
Moms Polish IIRC at the auto store. I have a feeling - don't know - diatom earth mix. maybe : White Cliffs of Dover
The White Cliffs, up to 300 feet high, are made up of millions of small sea creatures and coral from the bottom of a long ago tropical ocean - the chalk is porous, soft and easily worn by the action of the waves, and the whiteness of the cliffs is pure lime, manufactured by living things.
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pictures of the diatoms
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