Silver casting

I have some silver bars and I would like to melt them into a custom
cast with my family crest.
Can anyone offer some suggestions on equipment and process in order to
make this smooth and waste free as possible?
Thanks in advance.
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Cool project there, Andy. :)
You're asking for too big of an answer (too open ended).
You need to narrow it down for the answerer. Explain what you have in mind, how you picture going about it. Break up the proposed process into steps and in order, the way you figure it.
The more detail you describe what you're picturing, the better your feedback will be. :)
That's all the help I can give you. :/
Alvin in AZ (poured 318lbs of lead in four pours;)
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Unless you are an experienced metals caster, I suggest doing some practice pours with copper first. If you are using a lost wax process, have your patternmaker make a silicone rubber mold of the crest wax and make several copies for practice burnout/pours with copper or bronze.(If you use silicon bronze you won't need a flux for these) Let us know how your project comes out.-Jitney
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