solder and weld type for welding Ti to 9310?

I am trying to find supplier producing solders for aerospace industry. I
need information what kind of solder I need to weld Ti grade 5 to 9310
Any suggestions, and info are appreciated.
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Victoria Fink
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You don't use "solders" for "welding".
You can take solders and "weld" them together by fusion and mixing in the molten zone of both metals.
Would you settle for "braze" as a fastening method?
Do you mean solder or weld?
Or is it immaterial and you just want to stick these two metals together with something metallic using heat, not some adhesive?
Yes, it sounds like nit-picking except there are fairly well accepted definitions of "weld" and "braze" and "solder" as joining processes.
Indium Corporation (the name may have changed) was always one of my favorite aerospace sources on low temperature metal joining methods.
So, at least you have a reference to a supplier of joining materials for the aerospace inductry.
I might call on Electrofusion.... who has evidently been bought up by someone. They are right outside Stanford California. The firm specialized in difficult fusion joining techniques - and machining beryllium brazing beryllium into complex lightweight structures.
Each of the above will be happy to give you some more names if you call them, and maybe even if you email them, but it is less likely because email is so impersonal and low cost.
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Try sci.engr.joining or sci.engr.joining.welding
Michael Dahms
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Michael Dahms

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