What is Galvaneel?

Does anyone know the difference between Galvaneel and galvanized sheet
metal? Is it just a trade name, or do they have substantial
differences in corrosion resistance?
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Galvanneal is an inline hot dip galvanised product that is produced so as to give a zinc iron coating. It has some advantages in cold forming and probably painting, if I remember correctly. Google 2,300 hits.
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David Deuchar
Thanks for the help. Do you know how standard galvinaztion works? I thought that was essentially the process.
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Tip:- if you learn to spell you will find it easier to look up this sort of information for yourself.
Try Galvanising / Galvanizing Hot dip galvanising / ...zing Electro galvanising /...zing Sheradizing Galvanneal Galvalume Terne cadmium plating
For general information on galvanneal and the numerous other metallic coatings applied to steel try looking for information on automotive sheet products. If you want technical information in depth you will need a text book.
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