Why Vacuum Levitation Melting furnace is perfect to advanced metals and alloys?

Vacuum Levitation Melting furnace adopts advanced melting, refining and alloying
technology, the molten metal bath is levitated in water cooled copper crucible
during melting under vacuum or inert atomsphere, this technology eliminates
crucible contamination, eliminates gas and inclusion, provides strong
electromagnetic force stirring to the melt, and achieves stable & high melting
temperature, etc.
Vacuum Levitation Melting furnace is perfect for advanced metals and alloys
preparation, such as Reactive metals & alloys(i.e. Ti and Ti alloys, Rare earth
metals & alloys, etc),Refractory metals & alloys(i.e. Ta, Mo, V, Hf, Zr,
etc),Ultrapure metals, Semiconductor and so on.
Shenzhen Summit Levitation Metallurgical S&T Co., Ltd is specialized in
producing Vacuum Cold Crucible Levitation Melting Furnace in China for
16yrs,more information pls visit www(dot)summitsz(dot)com contact as
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