240 lbs set of parallels or railroad rails

This item, shockingly, weighs 240 lbs and has four sturdy carry handles on it.

It looks on the first sight to be a little boxed set of some measuring tools, but it is not. These things are almost the size of tram rails.

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The box is, in my estimation, 24x24 inches in size.

Have you ever seen anything like this.

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Looks like they might be brass, bronze, alumibronze, etc... Someone won the auction at $1.04 total. If they pick this item up, they can make a profit by driving to the recycling center closest to the pick-up location IMHO.

My question is how this guy knows he is the #3 rated eBayer ever... Who is #2 and #1 and how do we find out who has the highest (cumulative, not %) feedback rating total on the site?

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Joe AutoDrill

Hey Iggy,

Congrats!! Have you got it home yet??

Not a clue as to what it is designed to do.

I wonder if some of this stuff is beryllium?

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

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Brian Lawson

I will get it next week, shipping was $104. (terminal pickup)

Someone said that these may be dies for a heavy paper punch. Doubtfully beryllium.

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