about this?

plese tell me about this?
what is this?
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Someone who needs to learn how to explain their problem better, and who needs to learn how to use the Internet to investigate their lack of knowledge.
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Maxwell Lol
It's a secret.
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Carl Byrns
"sajid" wrote: plese tell me about this?
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "This" can be a pronoun in the English language, used to refer to things, not people. "This can be an adjective, used to indicate the thing or person at hand. Ex.: This lathe or this machinist. On other newsgroups: this poem or this author.
Since you are so eager for enlightenment, you should also learn about capital letters. Also, in the future, spell it "please," and end a non-question with a period.
Hope *this* helps.
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Leo Lichtman
It's official: You are brain dead.
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Michael A. Terrell
It's a usenet post.
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Jim Stewart
You should get together with slick Willy about 'this'. He is still trying to figure what the meaning of 'is' is.
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Dunno. Best I can figure, your question is like a whole chorus of angels from on high appearing and singing " Wwwwww Tttttt Fffffff?"
sajid wrote:
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THIS is reality! Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller
reading the replies to this post and the "good bye" post, this is the first time i ever had the *strong* feeling usenet is like graffiti in a bathroom stall, the old "...he who reads these words of wit..." line. suddenly it seemed to me usenet is like reading the graffiti on a bathroom stall (a long held human tradition, even including ancient greek times), if you can glean any at ALL useful information here (i mean, specific to metalworking) you could consider yourself lucky (though there's lots of serendipitous useful info). i never had this feeling before, somehow i always thought of usenet discussion groups as a place where people SHOULD abide by the "rules" and cooperate with each other to exchange topical useful information. huh! i'm not saying reading the graffiti in bathroom stalls is bad, it certainly is entertaining, and i'm not putting down the people who posted replies in these two threads, just it never hit me that way before. i just had an image, a bathroom stall with the words (in 3" tall plasma cut steel letters) "Rec.Crafts.Metalworking" above the door. (as if anyone would respect that the only permitted graffiti inside would be metalworking related.)
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William Wixon

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