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Yesterday at a yardsale I saw a pressure cooker made to be used in a microwave oven. Out of curiosity I bought it for $5.00 It seems to be made out of plastic coated aluminum. In fact it was made by Northland Aluminum Products inc. I always thought microwaves were blocked by electrical conductors, also I've read about problems caused by microwaving food wrapped in aluminum foil.I tried it and it works quite well. I'm wondering what the secret is? Engineman

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Many food items have a thin layer of metal or iron filings in the package.

Modern microwaves limit current and some abort.

Older ones burn off the gold ring on bowls and coffee cups nicely(or badly).

New ones - I have an inverter power supply - my wife can carry the unit from counter to another for cleaning... The old one finally bit the dust after 27 years of good service. It worked to the last day. So many modern settings and abilities we bought this new one.

If you buy some meals - they often have a heating pad - ferrite or such in the bottom to pop the corn or such.

I suspect the Aluminum is an alloy and is of higher resistance. The plastic is likely there to keep it save from the touch...

The microwave is sourced, and when a short is seen the current draw on the signal (impedance loss due to loading) draws current. If the unit is modern then it senses the current and backs off on the power. Saves itself. Saves the vendor from trouble.....also.

Mart> Yesterday at a yardsale I saw a pressure cooker made to be used in a

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Thanks Martin. Great response as usual and quite informative microwave power regulation.

Bob Swinney

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