Anyone know how to make a soap foam nozzle?

I've used those hand soaps that have close to a 5:1 ratio of water to
soap in them and when you press down on the top, they produce a soap
foam. I'd like to make a nozzle that does this on a larger scale. I've
seen ones for pressure washers that aspirate the soap into the nozzle,
but I want one that works just like the hand soap one. I want to just
have to force the premixed diluted soap mixture into the nozzle and
have foam come out at a velocity proportional to the input pressure.
Does anyone know how something like that would be designed?
Thanks in advance for any info.
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Bill J.
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I'm guessing the soap dispenser is a two cylinder pump - one pumps soap solution, the other pumps air. Perhaps the firefighters among us can provide details on foam nozzles - I assume those suck air in by venturi action. I used to use a film washer that did the same thing to inject bubbles in the column using the force of the incoming water, and it would foam very nicely if one dropped a drop of photo-flo in the intake.
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Go to your local fire dept. and ask to look at their foam generator, if they have one. That should give you a good idea. It's just a venturi and aspirator that sucks up the foam/soap solution and blents it with water and air to make foam. Bugs
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Years ago (maybe 20) I had a foam lance attachment for a high pressure washer, the venturi was on the suction side of the pump to get the soap into the mix before the lance. The lance had a section about 150mm long partly filled (90%) with small nylon balls of varying sizes. The tube probably trebled in diameter at the same time so dropped the pressure and the mix came out of a fairly large nozzle.
This flocked up the detergent mix and it really hung onto the vehicles we were cleaning.
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Roger & Lorraine Martin

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