DoN Nichols

I tried using the AMP hydraulic crimper to crimp some 6 gauge ring terminals to 6 gauge wire. Worked quite beautifully, after some initial frustration. A very nice tool, thanks to your suggestion. I am very happy and want to say thank you.

i PS The seller of the #2 die did not sell it after 2 attempts, and still does not want to sell cheaply enough.. I guess I will try to let him waste more money on ebay fees.

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According to Ignoramus14946 :

Well -- thank you for being so gracious.

O.K. I suspect that he is the one from whom I bought a couple of sizes. His prices were working their way up at that time -- and he may have now saturated the market at that price.

Thanks, and Good Luck, DoN.

P.S. if you spot one for 4-0 terminals (blue) in your searches, please drop me an e-mail. (The e-mail address which I use is real.)

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DoN. Nichols

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