Atlas MFC Milling Machine belt

I have been rebuilding a MFC miller for about 2 years now. I finally have
everthing cleaned up, painted , and ready to go back together. I finally
looked at the drive belt and realized that I have to take the head apart to
get a one piece belt on. The old belt was made of rubber /canvas links that
were pinned together.
Where can I find one of these or is there another solution short if
disassembly ?
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"BW" wrote in news:
Isn't just a 3L belt? That is that it is 3/8" wide? Measure the width of your pulley.
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Marty Escarcega
Disassembly isn't that hard. The instructions are online at the Atlas/clausing site; it's the only procedure they've posted for the MF mills.
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Your MFC should have two-step pulleys, not 3 used in some earlier machines. When I did this I used a Gates Truflex 3290 (5L290) belt.
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