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HI Iggy, sorry about the crap I generated - the general consensus is, go see a chiropractor (or similar) You got a real good chance of NOT having a stuffed back, you need to learn how to lift, be aware of bad lifts, and try and build up your back muscles that support your spine. Do this, you will be OK.

Just wish I had known this when my back starting going, too many years ago now.

Doctors will give you things to mask the pain/discomfort - pills wont fix it. You need a chiropractor.

Good luck, I honestly wish you well.

Andrew VK3BFA.

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Andrew VK3BFA
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Thanks. I will start with exercises.

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I'll have to agree with Andrew. I was in a 3 wheeler accident about 14 years ago (ended up breaking multiple skinny trees with my back) and after about 3 months after it, I couldn't stand the pain. After a couple of months of going 1 - 2 times a week, I had no pain at all. After the first visit, it was drastically improved to where only if I moved a certain way, it hurt.

Now I will also add that what you want to do is find a Chiropractor. Not one of those money hungry 'pain clinics' that are out there that cater to the insurance companies and look for accident victims. If you walk in and they want to sit you on this machine, and that machine and set you up for payments for the next 3 years walk away as quick as you can. 14 years ago when I went the doc charged me $25 cash, and that included sitting on one of those electrical pulse machines for an hour, and an adjustment. The best I found around here about a year ago was $45.

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