Baldor tool grinder wheel removal?

I got a No. 500 Baldor tool grinder recently that I'm beginning to monkey with. Gunner gave me a couple of old diamond wheels, so I thought I'd try mounting one to see if it still cut. It appears that the wheel is a light press fit over the arbor. No problem, I just gently tapped it on until the screws engaged, then used the screws to pull it in.

Now, however, I want to *remove* that wheel. Is there a trick to this? It would be slick if there were enough room behind the wheel to put in 5/16" bolts to push the wheel off. Do people normally use wheel pullers or ' something?


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Grant Erwin
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I've only had to do this once...

This is one of my "illegal" uses of a wood chisel. Gently drive it into the seam between the wheel and arbor face in a couple places. Not sure I'd whole heartedly recommend this if its stuck on too tight.


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Karl Townsend

I think the trick is to not press them on in the first place. My wheels slide easily and are secured with 4 screws.

You should be able to insert a screw driver between the wheel mounting plate and the steel back of the wheel and pry them off.

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Chuck Sherwood

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