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I know this subject has come up a few times but things change pretty fast in the San Francisco Bay Area and I'd like something up to date. I found out this morning that a planned trip to Sonora, CA has instead been changed to, I think, Palo Alto. While my wife and her relatives do their thing I will hopefully be able to get away and explore some surplus stores. We leave monday morning and it will probably turn out that I will only be able to get away for maybe 6 or 7 hours total over two or three days. I will be looking for machine shop small tools such as cutting tools, inspection tools, air vises, collet closers and collets, chucks, etc. On the electronics list will be small to medium sized servo motors (3 to 12 inches long x 2 to 8 inches dia), LCD monitors, industrial rated keyboards, and anything interesting. And for mechanical and electromechanical stuff I'm looking for positioning equipment such as leadscrews, linear bearings, dovetail slides, linear shafting, bearings, etc. So if anyone knows of any places that fit the bill I'd really appreciate some names. Phone numbers and addresses too if you have them. I'll be making some maps to take down with me to get the best use of my time. Thanks, Eric R Snow

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Well, there isn't much left. Halted Specialties is still there, I think. And Mike Quinn's, by the Oakland airport. Triangle Machine is totally amazing, shelves filled with servo drives and motors. A table covered with ballscrews! (I think Triangle Machine is the right name.....)

Sam Wasserman's place (the laser guy) is wild, but his prices are out of sight.

Excess Solutions is a relatively new place, but also quite good.

I haven't been there in quite a while, so things could have changed.

I found this listing, which seems to be pretty recent. You should be able to follow the links to check if they are still operating, and get directions :

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Triangle Machinery is worth a visit. I haven't been there in a couple of years but as I recall they were actively aquiring new equipment. I was looking for a vacuum pump and they had dozens to choose from. Even let me plug it in and test it. The address is

1051 Commercial Court San Jose, CA

(408) 452-8666

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don't know if it's still there, but I used to go to Weird Stuff Warehouse every trip to the bay area - but it's been a number of years - it had a lot of the electronic related deutritus from silicon valley

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Halted Specialties for new and surplus electronics. Wierdstuff wharehouse has surplus computer and mechanical parts of all kinds.

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terms of mechanical stuff, there ain't much out there. I've resorted to building it myself or getting it from other places. If you're in the area, you might want to visit our shop and robotics team at Los Altos High School, 201 Almond Ave, Los Altos

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Check Craigslist, specifically this ad

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don't know who it is, but he's been putting up lots of ads for all kinds of tooling for weeks now. I've been thinking of seeing if he'll take a personal visit but have not gotten 'round to it yet and I'm an hour away from there.

-Bruno (Eric R Snow) wrote:

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I emailed him if he had any stuff for our 12 inch craftsman and he said he didn't have anything that small.

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Weirdstuff was there this year before I bailed out of Si Valley.

384 Caribbean dr one can take Mathilda Ave. and make the corner at the dump... it turns into Caribbean - it is part way up - across from Mathilda not on the dump leg.

Got my 5si mx and a E size plotter there. Lots of cool stuff.

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