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I have a 6" bench grinder, and I want to start grinding my own lathe bits on it (1/4" HSS).

The wheels on it are too coarse, and the tool rests are cheap stamped aluminum. Should I just get a better wheel, or does someone sell a bench grinder that already has fine grit wheels for this kind of work as well as a decent tool rest?

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Ron Corpulent
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I am selling a 1/2 HP Rockwell grinder, 115v, on a standalone stand, with beautiful, thick heavy duty tool rests, eye protection, lighted with ligts in those eye protection shields, etc. One shield's glass is cracked. The price is $150. Actually there are four tool rests included. I am in N. Illinois.

I would not personally use those cheap grinders. For myself, I have a

1/2 HP Baldor.

i > I have a 6" bench grinder, and I want to start grinding my own

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That's how you should start. A grid 80 or 60 white wheel. Next is a dressing diamond and/or a dressing stone. You don't need a tool rest.


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Nick Mueller

You need to do a little googling on grinding. Regular grinding wheels that come with bench grinders are not particularly suited to grinding HSS tooling - the wheels are much too hard. The harder the material, the softer the grinding wheel and vise versa.

I bought a couple of surface grinding wheels and made a 1-1/4 to 5/8" bushing on the lathe. I think they were I hardness, or maybe J.


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Grant Erwin

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