Big Grinder (Really Big!)

I drove up to Dallas this morning to have the beat-up top of my
milling table ground. Great shop, good visit, I was in the shop by
5:30 AM and back on the road by 7 AM. One of the guys running the
shop showed me the biggest blanchard grinder I've ever seen. The
table was 300" diameter, grinding head maybe 6-8 ft. dia. And yes,
that was all magnetic chuck, in big wedges. The thing had a 10' tall
or so circular fence that closed on rails for operation. Yes, they
could have blanchard ground my suburban. Little dinky ass workpiece
they were setting up was only a few inches thick and 4-6' on a side.
Lots of other cool toys in there, too. Grinders all over the place,
machining centers, abrasive water jet, etc. And they were very busy,
jobs running on most machines.
Back home by 9:40 AM. I need a nap now.
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor
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before and after pics of your table???
Remove 333 to reply. Randy
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I can do a before from some project photos. I'll take an after and post after I get done with taxes, probably next week.
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Pete Keillor

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