Boring bar satisfaction

Picked up a 3" boring bar from Mesa Tool in order to use in my 1/2" boring head. Had to use it today making a crank handle for a chicom lathe. The cheap ass chicom brazed boring bar chattered, stuck in this bar into my Aloris AXA-104, and it quieted down. Last pass was done with the feed engaged, uniform finish (c'mon, 1026 steel, this is not a mirror finish).

For a schematic, look in Geo. H. Thomas' book, "The Model Engineers Workshop Manual", page 138, figure 12.9 >

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< Set up the compound for a 10 degree internal taper for the expander plug to pull into. Hmm... After I get the crank handle complete, I can diddle with threading... Tapers. Threading. ER40 collet chuck... Too bad I can't do a power feed with the compound.

Thinking of swapping out the TCMW 322 sized insert with a chipbreaker.

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