bottle jack repair?

My old faithful 8 ton bottle jack is bleeding fluid from the packing
gasket around the release valve.
Can I fix this thing, or should I just junk it? Seems a shame to trash
it for what must be less than a penny's worth of rubber gasket
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Mike Patterson
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"Mike Patterson" wrote in message news:
I would say it depends on how good of a jack it is. What did it cost you. Does a repair cost less than buying a new one.
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It's a 39 cent part... Locally there is a hydraulic shop, I got a new seal, and just pushed it in there, problem solved. WAY more expensive to drive to the shop tha the cost of the seal.
If they can't cross reference the numbers on the jack, they can simply match it to a stock seal.
Look in the yellow pages under hydraulic.
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Pete Logghe

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