Bug mudda endmill

While sorting old metalworking books, I came across a photo in an old
school textbook that showed a large press frame being milled with an
endmill (yes, it was a true endmill) in a horizontal mill of some sort.
The endmill was about 10" diameter (as big across as the operator's
head) and at least 2 feet long, spiral flute.
It kinda got me thinking about the largest actual cutting toolbits that
have ever been used. There was a discussion a while back about the
largest single block of steel people had ever seen...what about the
largest tooling (not machine) used to cut these kind of things?
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Koz wrote:
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Koz wrote in news:eridnU_Z4r1c9f snipped-for-privacy@seanet.com:
Koz, The auto plants are full of 4-5-7' diameter cutters, inserted of course. Gotta be 300 inserts or lots more per cutter.
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When I was in shop class in college the instructor had a chip off a shaper that he got at Westinghouse in Sunnyvale CA. What was remarkable about this spiral of metal was that at first glance it looked like a coiled spring off the front end a Chevy. That shaper must of had a whole lot of horsepower to curl up such a chip.
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Roger Shoaf
At boeing surplus in seattle, you can buy endmills by the pound. I bought one as a souvenir that is about 10" long and about 1 1/4" shank.
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I got one like that and use it as a mill to trim edges with. - Nice long surface and just kiss the surface on the way by.
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woodworker88 wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn
I'm sure I'm not in the running for the largest, but here's my 2 cents.
In the days when HSS, and cobolt reined, we used 2" diameter hog mills pretty often.
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Dave Lyon

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