Burke-Millrite (Powermatic) Vertical Mill Spindle Bearing Question

Looking for anyone that has replaced their Timken spindle bearings on a
Burke-Millrite or Powermatic vertical mill.
One of the guys in my metalworking club bought this machine, the bearings
were noisy, he replaced them and had to press both of them off. He
pressed them back on, there is a preload nut just above them which is
useless if you have to press the bearings on! Now the bearings have
failed again (spindle gets very hot very fast as there is no allowable
The spindle looks fine, our suspicion is that the bearings that were on
the machine when he got it, might have been incorrect, he merely matched
the numbers on them when he replaced them. My guess is that the bearings
should be a slip fit to allow for preload. Is our hunch correct?
Thanks guys,
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Marty Escarcega
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Have him join the BurkeMills group on yahoo. The Millrite manual in pdf form is there and it has a section on adjusting the preload. The exploded diagram of the head gives the Timken numbers. Plus, there's a bunch of pretty good guys with Burkes. I changed the group over to a moderated membership a couple of weeks ago to cut down on the spam.
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Michael J Panchula

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