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Some time ago I got a 15" Clausing drill press that had some weird spindle problem. Never got around to screwing with the old one and finally bent over for a new one from Clausing. I did talk them down in price. All the folks I spoke to over there were very helpful.

So it got the new spindle and bearings. All that slides into the quill with a lock collar to keep the assmebly from falling apart. I can only assume some sort of preload is needed to keep things from getting sloppy under any load.

How hard should I snug on the spindle against the lock collar before tightening it against the bearing? The spindle is 5/8" in diameter.

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Not in the instructions, those 50 language documents you have to decipher ? I'd call Clausing tech support and ask.

Mart> Some time ago I got a 15" Clausing drill press that had some weird

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I came across a manual for the step pulley version and it jus said if there's slop to loosen the bearing lock collar, press everything down and retighten. I guess no preload is needed, so I gave it a shot.

After reassembly, I got a nice cloud of rust from the sheaves and the thing fired up. There's some sort of vibration issue to look at next, but I was able to shatter a real sketchy looking chinese drill bit and then drill over a 100 holes in steel plate with no real issues. I did use the rustlick ws-5050 solution as coolant. It works as far as I can tell, keeping those nasty carbon steel chips from flying all over and burning me. The smell of the stuff is weird (alleged to be sassafras) but better than burning oil.

The rebuilt Albrect chuck works fine (new jaws and the part they slide around on) slipped once, but the bit may have been greasy, it never did it again. Luckily it was a US made bit with laser engravings so no nasty tears marks. I didn't bother measuing runout, but it looks ok from just kissing test stock.

I suspect the vibration is from the belt having some sort of set to it, but I will be taking that whole section apart next.

The motor is a 3/4HP 1725 RPM motor with what appear to be grease zerk fittings. Not sure what lube the thing really needs. Any ideas what was hot in the hearly 1960s for fairly generic motors? The nameplate makes no mention of lubrication schedules.

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