can anyone ID this small ignition wrench?

in a package of mislabled junk I bought from ebay, I got two small ignition
wrenches - an aprox 7/32nd (.225) stamped steel wrench on one end, near the
other end are two feeler gauges (15 and 25 thousandths if I measured
correctly) - the feelers are pinned to the end of the wrench with a small
brass rivet (domed on both sides) - one feeler on each side of the wrench.
On the side with the thinner feeler, the wrench is stamped "contact gap", on
the side with the thicker feeler the wrench is stamped "plug gap", and it
has a logo consisting of "AK" within a circle.
I don't recognize that logo - but these wrenches are clearly for working on
some kind of engine ignition - anyone have a clue? Motorcycle?
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Bill Noble
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It's from a Benelli motorcycle ignition. (AK-BEN 1)
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thanks, that was fast - any idea of vintage - I tried a google search and didn't find anything but I don't know anything about Benelli motorcycles - this must be an older wrench but I don't see any way to guess the vintage
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Bill Noble

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